Tell government to back worker ownership

All you need to do to respond to the government consultation is copy or adapt the suggested response below and email BEIS via the link below. Make sure you say which co-op you are responding from and don't forget to copy us in at [email protected]. Thank you!

Deadline: 23 May

Alternatively, email BEIS at [email protected] and make sure you make it clear you are responding to the 'Increasing transparency in the labour market' consultation. 

Key questions and suggested responses

Question 41 - How might the ICE regulations be improved?

  • Introduce a worker right to request information relating to the future direction of the company, with measures to ensure a transition to worker ownership is an option explored as a matter of course
  • Linked to this, introduce a 'right to request' worker ownership that should draw on the relevant proposals and recommendations in the 2012 'Nuttall Review of Employee Ownership'

Question 46 - How might government build on the expertise of stakeholders such as Investors in People, Acas and Trade Unions to ensure employees and workers engage with information about their work?

  • The most powerful way to encourage workers to engage with information about their work is to allow them an ownership stake where they work
  • Government should broaden its thinking and its stakeholder engagement to draw on expertise about, and lived experience of, worker ownership in all its forms
  • BEIS should engage with the Worker Co-operative Council

Question 48 - Are there other ways that the government can support businesses on employee/worker engagement?

The most powerful and seamless way to boost meaningful worker engagement is to foster broader worker ownership in the UK economy. BEIS should develop a plan of action to promote and support worker ownership in the UK economy, which should include:

  • Funding a programme that promotes and supports worker buyouts as part of planned business succession, as the Scottish Government already does to great effect 
  • Developing proposals for how the UK Shared Prosperity Fund can be used to support an expansion of worker ownership
  • Reviewing the performance of the current employee shareholding tax schemes against good work and inclusive economy criteria
  • Considering changes to worker buyout tax incentive eligibility criteria, so that these promote enhanced worker voice as well as more worker ownership  
  • Considering a statutory worker 'right to bid', expanding on the Nuttall Review's 'right to request' and drawing on the Community Right to Bid under the Localism Act 

Download our final response to BEIS here

Background information

As part of the it's Good Work Plan, the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is consulting on how the Information and Consultation of Employees (ICE) regulations could be improved and what other policies could enhance worker engagement and voice in businesses. We believe this is an opportunity under the Good Work agenda to advocate for policy that supports worker ownership.

Read government's consultation papers here

How to get involved

Co-operatives UK members are encouraged to respond to the consultation with their own views on how to empower workers. The deadline for responding to government is 23 May 2018. Follow the link at the top of the page to submit your response to BEIS.

We also encourage members to shape our response. Our positions are summarised below. If you have any suggestions or comments about our response email them to [email protected] before Friday 18 May 2018

Download our full draft response here