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Co-operative and Community Capital Committee

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The Committee enables members and stakeholders to shape areas of best practice for the UK co-operative movement in the field of member capital

What areas does the Committee focus on?

Areas of focus include:

• Withdrawable share capital in co-operatives and community benefit societies

The Community Shares Standard Mark.

The Community Shares Handbook.

• The Code of Practice on Withdrawable Share Capital and associated guidance.

What member resources has the Committee created?

Since its inception in 2020 the Committee has approved guidance on:


  • Emma Laycock, Co-operatives UK (Chair)
  • Isla McCulloch, Co-operatives UK (Secretariat)
  • Jeff Scales, Locality
  • Morven Lyon, Community Shares Scotland
  • Hannah Morris, Community Shares Wales (Cwmpas)
  • Tim Coomer, Co-operative & Community Finance
  • Chris Cowcher, Plunkett Foundation
  • Andy Woodcock, Co-op Culture
  • Dave Boyle, Community Shares Company
  • Hilary Sudbury, Co-operative Assistance Network
  • Jim Brown, Baker Brown Associates
  • David Alcock, Anthony Collins Solicitors
  • Matt Fazal, Power to Change
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