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International Co-operative Working Group

International Co-operative Working Group at Co-op Congress 2022
Preet Kaur Gill MP with members of the International Co-operative Working Group at Co-op Congress 2022

The purpose of the International Co-operative Working Group (ICWG) is to support the planning, co-ordination and delivery of international activity across the UK Movement.

What is the International Co-operative Working Group?

The ICWG supports the planning, co-ordination and delivery of the UK Co-operative Movement's international activity.

Areas of activity:

  • To share information and intelligence to ensure Co-operatives UK and the wider UK Co-operative Movement are represented effectively internationally. This involves co-ordinating discussions and consultations with other representative bodies in the UK operating internationally

  • Ensure that, in liaison with the Board, the Co-operatives UK strategy considers an international agenda. To confirm international representation at events and meetings, advising on resolutions and the use of its votes

  • Support and co-ordinate requests for global co-operative development programmes and relief funds, such as the £100,000 raised to support India through the Covid crisis 

  • Co-ordinate and agree the collection of funds to contribute towards international commitments such as the activities of the International Co-operative Alliance and International Organisation of Industrial and Service Cooperatives

Who are members of the ICWG?

The working group meets six times a year and brings together individuals from the co-operative movement who play a role in international representation. Current members are:

  • Chair: Rose Marley, CEO of Co-operatives UK

  • Lead: Dr Sarah Alldred, The Co-operative College

  • Anca Voinea, Co-op News

  • Ben Reid, International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) Board member

  • Bernadette Turner, Former UK International Officer

  • Blase Lambert, Confederation of Co-operative Housing

  • Debbie Robinson, Central England

  • Emily Pearce, Co-op Group

  • Greg Roberts, The Co-operative College

  • Jenny de Villiers, Co-operatives UK Board

  • Neil Calvert, The Co-operative College

  • Pete Westall, Midcounties Co-operative, ICETT representative

  • Sion Whellens, CECOP/CICOPA Board member

  • Shaun Tarbuck, ICMIF

  • Russell Gill, Co-op Group

  • Vivian Woodell, Cooperatives Europe Board Member

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International Co-operative Working Group at Co-op Congress 2022
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