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Co‑op Fortnight involves co‑ops and organisations from across the UK working together to celebrate and promote co‑ops

Co-op Fortnight 2024

A graphic for Co-op Fortnight with people from a co-operative celebrating with text alongside saying "an altogether different way to do business"

Get involved in Co‑op Fortnight 2024 from Monday 24 June to Sunday 7 July.

Back our Call for Co-operative Growth 

We're calling on the entire Movement to get behind our call for all political parties to commit to co-operative growth this Co-op Fortnight (24 June to 7 July). Co-ops offer an altogether different way of doing business. They’re democratic. They share power and wealth across the economy. We now need the next UK government to take action to unleash co-operative potential.

With a general election has been called for Thursday 4 July we'll be lobbying the next government to back co-operatives - and you can help. 

Get involved 

Ways to talk about co-ops 

Use these key messages to celebrate co-operatives as an altogether different way to do business: 

Co-ops are brilliant businesses:  

  • Co-ops are proven to be more resilient businesses.  

  • Co-ops are responsible, ambitious, effective businesses  

  • Co-ops innovate to fix broken systems like social care, data and housing 

Co-ops are democratic businesses: 

  • Co-ops give people a stake and a say in business 

  • Co-ops enabling people to share power and wealth  

  • Co-ops offer rewarding livelihoods that enhance workers’ wellbeing 

Co-ops help to create thriving communities:  

  • From inner cities to remote islands, co-ops bring people together to boost local wealth and communities 

  • Co-ops make life better for everyone involved 

Co-ops offer an altogether different way to take climate action :  

  • Co-ops support a just transition in the UK's effort to reach net zero, powered by mutuality and community 

  • Co-ops take responsibility to reduce our emissions and to be sustainable businesses 

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Reach PLC is the UK's largest commercial, national and regional news publisher. 

What is on offer? Co-operatives can access reduced rate advertising as part of Co-op Fortnight. Reach PLC has lowered its prices making it more accessible to co-operatives. Opportunities include:

  • Advertorials to tell your stories to communities across the town, city or region of your choosing 
  • Amplification of your advertorials on the relevant news outlet homepage, social media and newsletter
  • Content ads, promoting your co-operative within a 10-mile radius of your choice

In 2023, numerous co-operatives took advantage of the offer. Read some of the stories published across the Reach network to showcase co-operatives during Co-op Fortnight.

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