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Our annual general meeting

Little people casting a vote

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is one of the primary ways in which member organisations can participate in the democracy of Co‑operatives UK.

Take part in our AGM 

Our AGM is a fantastic opportunity to ask the questions that matter to you and your co-op.

It’s an opportunity to help shape our future and vote on resolutions. Our AGM in 2021 took place on 25 June. Scroll down and you can watch a recording of proceedings. Details about our 2022 AGM will appear on this page. If you've any questions in advance of the AGM send them to [email protected].


All the blurb for our 2021 AGM
Our formal AGM notice, Remuneration Report and Annual Report 2020 are just a click away.

Voting at our AGM

Anyone is welcome to attend and observe our Annual General Meeting. 

To vote on resolutions an organisation must be a member of Co-operatives UK eight weeks before the date of the AGM. Its named representative should be present at the meeting, either face to face or online and have registered in advance. 

Our members can appoint any individual as their representative at the AGM. Sign up for our email newsletters to ensure you get our AGM updates.

Holding your own AGM?

Get great advice to help ensure you have a successful meeting - whether face to face or online
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