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Co‑op Fortnight involves co‑ops and organisations from across the UK working together to celebrate and promote co‑ops

What is Co-op Fortnight

Co-operatives UK new strategy 2022-24

Every year, hundreds of co‑ops and organisations across the UK work together to celebrate and promote co‑ops during Co‑op Fortnight.

What is Co-op Fortnight?

Originally launched in 2010, Co-op Fortnight has gone from strength to strength.

Co-op Fortnight is organised by Co-operatives UK and is then brought to life through events and sharing stories about the power of co‑operation via social media.

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Co-op Fortnight is an opportunity for us to shout about how proud we are to be a co-operative.
– Kellie Bubble, worker owner, Unicorn Grocery

Co-op Fortnight 2024

We must take effective action to avert a climate catastrophe. For Co-op Fortnight 2024 we're calling on co-operatives to come together to:

  • Demand that political parties prioritise urgent climate action in the run up to the next General Election – and beyond
  • Celebrate co‑operatives as an altogether different way to do business

Recent campaign themes

  • In 2023, we're asking co-ops of all shapes and sizes to come together and tell the world how co-operatives are altogether different! Read stories from last year's campaign.
  • In 2022, we invited people to #UnwrapCoops by submitting interesting testimonials about what made them love co-ops and being part of a co-op. Working with Blakehouse Productions and Calverts we turned people's words in to individual pieces of art and gifs for social media. We also encouraged people to share their own messages during Co-op Fortnight.
  • In 2021, the theme was #JoinACoop. The Covid‑19 pandemic forced us to rethink how we do things – as a society, as businesses, organisations and individuals. And co‑ops proved to be a resilient, unifying force during this time. So we spread the word about the benefits of membership and called for people across the UK to #JoinACoop.
  • In 2020, we encouraged people to #KeepCooperating, as we witnessed the emergence of a new culture of co-operation in everyday behaviour due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We used this to raise awareness of co‑ops, their values and their potential to change society for the better as we rebuild. Watch our film below.
  • In 2019 we called for people to join forces for two weeks of mass co-operation. Co-ops worked together to protect community spaces, hold cooking and gardening activities, host celebrations and spread acts of kindness in their communities. 
  • In 2018 we celebrated the difference co-ops make across the UK, published The Co-op Economy Report, which revealed co-ops are twice as likely to survive the difficult first five years compared to other businesses, and produced the short film Co-operate.
Want to take part in Co-op Fortnight 2024?
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