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Work in partnership

Sutton Community Farm

Through partnership working with local government, business networks and community organisations we help transform local economies and communities. It's all about local wealth building, co-op development and community engagement.

Why should local policy makers and business institutions target co-ops?

Co-ops are a great way to create decent new livelihoods; for local wealth building; to breathe new life into local assets and enterprise; and to convert newfound community spirit into transformative action. But no community, town, city, metropolitan borough or county is the same. It's why we work together with the people who know their communities best.

    Working in partnership 

    Alongside government and non-government bodies we can:

    • Provide local economic insight and mapping to identify opportunities to apply community economic development (CED) and co-op development
    • Create strategies for co-op development that link in with local wealth building
    • Support networks to create CED partnerships and plans
    • Match businesses with training and funding opportunities
    • Identify local need that can be better filled by creating co-ops
    • Target awareness raising activities delivered in partnership with local organisations
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    Co-operatives have grown up with Plymouth. By investing in the economic well-being of people in this city, we can help keep them in work, create better services and keep more money in Plymouth. It’s not just about money in people’s pockets, they have a say in how things are run.
    – Plymouth City Councillor Chris Penberthy
    We can help drive change
    By joining forces with us we can help build back better from Covid-19.

    More reasons to work with us

    The impact we can have by partnership working is best told by the individuals, organisations and communities who have benefited from our co-op development work. Stories of positive impact told by members include:

    We deliver a range of co-op development programmes with ongoing opportunities to tap into your region, town or city's co-operative potential. Get in touch today.     


    Working towards a better future

    We’re looking for combined authorities, local enterprise partnerships and local authorities to become Ownership Hub Partners to encourage and support employee and worker ownership.
    "It used to be called Giro City."
    Discover how local people are using their skills to create community businesses in Wigan.
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