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Co-operatives UK members can access a range of offers and discounts from co-operatives and other organisations.

Discounts and member offers

We’re negotiating a range of deals and discounts for our members so that Co-operatives UK membership offers even more value – and we’ll be adding more exclusive member offers as they become available. We'll be launching more of these this year (2023) so get in touch at [email protected] if you want to discuss an offer for Co-operatives UK members.

Want to offer our members goods or services?

Your Co-op Business Solutions

Your Co-op Business Solutions offers a range of services to help your co-op run smoothly, sustainably and cost effectively whilst ensuring your colleagues have access to a wide range of unique and essential benefits.

From a free one-hour telecoms consultation to the greenest handset available (the Fairphone 4 and and Superfast Broadband respectively) click on each of the headings below to find out more about the member discounts from Your Co-op Business Solutions.

Offers from Your Co-op Business Solutions

The greenest handset on the planet, the latest new and improved Fairphone 4 not only offers better resolution, increased memory and improved battery life but also five years warranty, meaning it really is the phone of the future. Alongside its modular and repairable design and extended warranty, it’s also 5G compatible, making it guaranteed to future proof your business.

Choosing the Fairphone is a great step towards helping the planet and people – and it also helps your co‑op. Become a champion of sustainability, by making a positive impact on issues directly linked to nine of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

How to claim this offer

Over the next few years we will all be seeing a big change in telecommunications with Openreach switching off the PSTN network by 2025. What this essentially means is that all traditional analogue and digital telephone services will be turned off. This is the biggest and most disruptive change to the telecoms market in its lifetime and Your Co-op Business Solutions will be here to help guide you through it every step of the way.

Get a FREE 1 hour telecoms consultation with our experts ensuring you are always connected when it matters most.


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Adapting to the latest workplace trends and colleague behaviours is essential. Empower your people through our flexible workplace options. The perfect solution for hybrid office and home working, they’re essential in today’s evolving workplace – and ensure you always stay connected and never miss a thing. Get up to 10% off and find your perfect fit from:

  • Broadband, superfast fibre and SoGEA
  • Unified communications
  • VoIP communications

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Your Co-op Business Solutions can create bespoke benefits packages for Co-operatives UK members.

We can provide you with the tools you need to boost performance and delivery, attract and retain the very best talent and make a difference to the world around you – because people really are at the heart of your business. All whilst providing low-carbon and sustainable options, always keeping our planet in mind.

Benefits packages can include:  

  • Discounted phone and broadband for colleagues
  • Discounted nurseries through Co-op Childcare
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Payroll giving

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A driving force for a cleaner environment, Electric Dreams is the salary sacrifice scheme from Your Co-op Business Solutions and Octopus EV – enabling employees to own electric vehicles.

Switching to electric vehicles is one of the biggest changes an eco-conscious business can make to help fight climate change. Our scheme not only reduces your co-op’s carbon footprint, it saves your employees money too, taking advantage of national insurance and income tax savings of up to 40%.

How to claim this offer

How to claim these offers

Don't know your membership number? Contact us on [email protected]

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