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Co‑operative Performance Committee

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The Co‑operative Performance Committee (CPC) has operated for around two decades as a leadership forum on financial and wider performance across co‑operative societies.

What is the CPC?

The CPC is made up of senior finance leaders from the co‑operative sector. It provides strategic direction and best practice guidance in matters of accounting, financial reporting and business performance monitoring. 

From championing co‑operatives in accounting standards and consistent accounting treatment, to guidance on performance monitoring for small to medium sized co-operatives, the Committee has made a significant impact.

  • John Sandford (Chair), Co-operatives UK 
  • Emma Laycock (Secretariat), Interim Society Secretary - Co-operatives UK
  • Ian Berry, Co-operative Group
  • Peter Dubois, Midcounties Co-op
  • Stephen Galjaard, Lincolnshire Co-op
  • Lyndsie Goodwin, East of England Co-op
  • David Luckin, The Co-op Group
  • Patrick Morello, Third Sector Accounting
  • Michael Shepherd, Co-operatives UK
  • Neil Robinson, Central England Co-op
  • Emma Thompson, Central England Co-op
  • Vivian Woodell, Co-operatives UK Board representative
  • Eddie Thorn, Co-operatives UK Board representative
  • Tanya Noon, Co-operatives UK Board representative
  • Gary Wooton, Southern Co-op
  • Adrian Digby, FRTA
  • KPMG 

How will the CPC benefit my co-op?

A narrative reporting framework has been developed to help co-operatives report to their members. It offers guidance on one of the most important aspects of running a successful co‑operative organisation – large or small. The flexible framework is built around three core pillars:

  • Member value: how it is delivering value to its members
  • Member voice: how its members have directed the co-op
  • Co‑operative values: how it is living up to the co-op values

A Guide to Co-operative KPIs  has also been produced to help co-ops understand how to report against the co-op values and principles.

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