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Why platform co-ops?

Books about platform co-ops

Platform co-ops are where the co-operative advantage meets digital business.

The rise of the platform economy over the last decade promised to boost flexible employment, extra income, and collaborative consumption. Instead, the ‘disruption’ of the digital economy has removed regulations, increased precariousness of work, and created the conditions for market monopolies dominated by a handful of digital giants.

We know most entrepreneurs don’t start their business with the view to ‘exit’, nor do they wish to lose control of their start-up to investors to cover upfront costs. Though we’re being told this is the only way. 

There is another way

Could there be an alternative? Do innovation, and social impact always have to lose out?

Platform co-ops are owned and governed by their members. They are stakeholder, not shareholder driven businesses, focused on democratic control, shared ownership, and a sustainable relationship between social purpose and profitability. The model is based on co‑operative principles and offers the opportunity to raise equity from those that value your business the most – your employees and users.

A global movement

Join a global movement of entrepreneurs building ethical digital businesses. We’re here to help, whether you intend to start a new venture or ‘exit’ your platform business to your community.

A platform co‑op primer

Here is a brief overview of what a platform co‑op is and isn't. You can download a pdf of this resource below, as well as a text only version.

UnFound – a platform co-op primer
UnFound – a platform co-op primer

Platform co‑ops – a primer

Content by Unfound

A brief overview of what a platform co‑op is and isn't

A platform co‑op primer
A platform co‑op primer
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