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Convert to a co-op

Leeds Bread Co-op

There are many benefits to converting an existing business or organisation to a co‑operative. Find out what's involved in an employee or community buyout and what support is available.

    The most common options for converting to co-operative ownership:

    Community buy-outs

    community buyout is where key assets and enterprises are taken into the ownership of the local community, or a community of interest.

    Employee buyout

    Employee buyouts are where ownership of a business is transferred to its employees. We offer Business Support to convert to a co-op.

    Charity conversions

    Charity conversions are where charities convert into democratically-owned charitable organisations, often using community shares. Contact our advice team for help with this.

    Get support to convert to co-operative ownership
    Business support is available to help with your conversion
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    We needed to make sure employees have a say and a vote – that they have control.
    – Stephen Gill, founder of VME Co-op
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