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Why co-ops are pivotal to a fairer, stronger Scotland

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9th October 2020
Last updated
14th March 2023
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Co-op development
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Making Scotland the best place in the world...

Our report, Revive and thrive: Why co-ops are pivotal to a fairer, stronger Scotland, highlights the success of co-ops in helping Scots weather the Covid-19 storm. It provides examples of small and large co-ops, from across the country, that are rising to the challenge of the pandemic.

It examines current levels of support for co-operative enterprise. It also makes six recommendations for how Scottish government, now and after the next election, can make Scotland the best place in the world to establish new co-ops and develop existing ones.

Six recommendations

  • Worker and freelancer co-ops
  • Worker-community co-op hybrids
  • Housing and land co-ops
  • Platform co-ops

  • A focus on restarts as well as buyouts, using the worker co-op and worker-community hybrid models, as well as employee ownership trusts
  • More involvement of workers, unions and communities, earlier in discussions about the sale, closure or insolvency of businesses
  • Additional feasibility studies
  • Measures to create more time for buyouts and restarts to be organised and implemented
  • The provision of specialised finance to fund the acquisition of businesses or assets, led by the Scottish National Investment Bank
  • Where possible, providing this support in the wider context of community wealth building initiatives across Scotland

  • The Scottish National Investment Bank providing products/services that meet the distinct and currently unmet financing needs of co-ops and mutuals
  • Resourcing ‘after care’ programmes for businesses that have converted to employee and community ownership
  • Funding and organising peer support among Scotland’s co-ops
  • Resourcing programmes of specialised business support, tailored to co-ops, covering things like business planning and strategy, finance, innovation adoption, governance, culture and people development
  • Providing specialist support for converted employee owned businesses to develop more employee-led, democratic governance

  • Providing funding to make institutional match investments in community share offers, alongside communities and other funders such as the Scottish Land Fund
  • Building awareness of community shares, supporting organisations to use the model and contributing to the development of Community Shares Standards, through continued funding of Community Shares Scotland
  • Continued promotion of community benefit societies and community shares as a good legal structure for ‘community asset transfer’ and ‘community right to buy’
  • Promoting and supporting the use of community shares as part of efforts to retain viable jobs with the community-worker hybrid model

  • Funding training for people in co-ops with valuable knowledge and knowhow, to become effective peer mentors and co-op development specialists
  • Funding training for business advisors (in the public sector, on public contracts, and generally) to gain a better practical understating of pivotal co-op models
  • Funding training for business advisors to become co-op development specialists

  • Bringing together communities of interest and place to explore and develop their co-op options for work, business, housing, land and environmental and social action
  • Including a significant role for community-led economic development in which Community Economic Partnerships are supported to develop their own plans for sustainable and inclusive economic development
  • Earmarking around 25 per cent of Scotland’s portion of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund to enable Community Economic Partnerships to work with local authorities to implement these plans
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