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We are the rebuilders

Policy campaign

9th June 2020
Last updated
10th November 2020
Policy issue
Co-op development
Worker ownership
We are the rebuilders

Why co-ops?

We have an opportunity to do more than simply get through the Covid-19 crisis  We can help meet the biggest challenge of our time by rapidly reducing environmental harms while still living in a way that engenders widespread wellbeing. And we can do it in ways that are fair, democratic, empowering and aspirational. In We are the rebuilders we set out four co-op 'offers'. We examine what we're doing, alongside our partners, to make each of these offers a realist and important, what government - at a local and national level - to multiply our impact.

The four offers

  • Create decent new livelihoods
  • Keep viable jobs in their community
  • Breathe new life into local assets and enterprise
  • Convert newfound community spirit into transformative social action 
We are the rebuilders
If you agree with what you read we'd like you to email this paper to your MP, councillors and other elected officials.
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