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Co-ops earmarked for role in landmark Scottish housing plans

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16th March 2021
Last updated
18th March 2021
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Following concerted lobbying by Co-operatives UK and the Cross Party Group on Co-ops, Scottish Government has included housing co-operatives in its ‘Housing to 2040 strategy.

The strategy sets out a vision for housing in Scotland to 2040 - and a route map to get there. Its ambition is for everyone to enjoy good quality and affordable homes that meet needs in the place they want to be. And co-ops are set to play a role.

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Housing co-operatives play an important role in supporting access to affordable homes in communities. We will explore what further support may be needed for establishing co-operatives in the rented sector, including the private rented sector.
– Scottish Government, Housing to 2040

Scottish Government will develop a new rented sector strategy in 2021/22, which it suggests could include specific measures for housing co-ops in both the social and private rental sectors.

Co-operatives UK is eager to bring together a coalition of partners in Scotland – housing co-ops, experts, supportive politicians – to ensure we convert this opportunity into tangible new policy support.

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