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Evidence to MSPs on South of Scotland Enterprise Agency Bill

We have submitted evidence to the MSP committee regarding the South of Scotland Enterprise Agency Bill. We have suggested amendments to the Bill that we believe will firm up the inclusive and sustainable growth mission of the agency, while increasing representative plurality.

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New industry leadership group for worker ownership announced

Scottish Government has announced it will help worker owned businesses in Scotland to form a new 'industry leadership group', as well as ambitions to increase the number of worker owned businesses in Scotland from 100 now to 500 by 2030. Now Scottish Government needs to prioritise democratic governance and co-operative ownership cultures, rather than just the volume and scale of buyouts.

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South of Scotland Enterprise Agency

We have made a co-operative response to consultation on a new Enterprise Agency for the South of Scotland. We've called for a pluralistic, democratic agency that devolves political economic power to communities. We think the Agency should facilitate community economic development focused on addressing barriers to inclusive growth and ecological sustainability. 

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Community Wealth Building

We are pressing for action on grassroots co-operative development to be included in the Scottish Government’s new community wealth building agenda. At the recent Cross Party Group on Co-operatives in the Scottish Parliament, a number of players in Scotland, including the government, expressed a desire for community wealth building to significantly move the dial on local, pro-social procurement, while also incorporating grassroots co-op development. For us the former is important but it’s the latter that is absolutely essential. 

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Collaborative Economy Expert Panel 

The Scottish Government’s Expert Advisory Panel on the Collaborative Economy recently recommended that it “support innovation and scaling of platform co-operatives or new models which offer a better deal for workers.” We are particularly happy with this, as we gave evidence to the panel on the potential for platform co-ops. If the government accepts this recommendation, then the opportunity to develop a programme of support for platform co-operation in Scotland will be significant and must not be passed up.

Programme for Government 2017-18: support for co-ops

The Programme for Government contains some very real and immediate opportunities for co-ops to contribute to a genuinely inclusive economy in Scotland, particulary in relation to decent work, community empowerment, social care and the transition to a more sustainable way of life. 

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What the SNP win means for co-ops

The SNP will be implementing their programme for government as laid out in their manifesto. We think the the best opportunities for advancing our co-operative agenda under the SNP are in areas like care, community ownership, business to business co-ops and energy. We are reaching out to key parts of the new SNP administration as well as to the new parliament. 

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Evidence for Holyrood on co-operative innovation

MSPs in Holyrood's Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee are taking evidence on the role co-operative ownership can play in driving innovation in Scotland. 

The cross party committee of MSPs says that in the course of previous enquiries into innovation, business ownership has emerged as a dimension worthy of further exploration. The committee is gathering evidence about the scale and shape of business ownership in Scotland, is trying to get a clearer understanding of how ownership and innovation interact, and wants to know how the Scottish Government can help co-ops thrive.

Co-operatives UK has provided a full response highlighting how co-ops empower workers, businesses and communities to drive innovation in areas like retail, social services, agriculture, energy and regeneration.

The trade body has also identified key measures the Scottish government could introduce to harness co-operative innovation in Scotland.

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