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Hulme garden centre
As we adapt to the impact of coronavirus, it’s really important to take time to look after yourself and strengthen your resilience.
4 months ago
Platform Co-operatives Now! An online course
Content by Unfound
Co‑operatives UK is supporting UK participants as a local partner for the second edition of the Platform Co‑ops Now! course.
5 months ago
Mission vision values behaviours written in circles
If you look at your mission and vision over the last year, what values have you demonstrated? How have you demonstrated them? And which values fell by the wayside?
7 months ago
Recently we advised a Co‑operatives UK member as to whether they needed permission to play music in their premises. In this article, we share some useful information about the authorisations needed…
7 months ago
Policy Blog banner
Co-operatives UK has published four ‘offers’ for building back better, aimed at a government worried about jobs and everyone working for a more just and sustainable future. 
8 months ago
Policy Blog 17 banner
It looks like we’re heading into a deep economic and social crisis. Many livelihoods and businesses will be destroyed. But business as usual was already an unfolding catastrophe; for the planet if not…
9 months ago
Women at desk
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the government has announced that the reporting deadline for this year’s gender pay gap reports has been suspended. 
10 months ago