#1MillionOwners campaign resources

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Write to your MP in four quick and easy steps 

We have written two template letters you can send to your MP, asking them to pledge their support for the #1MillionOwners campaign: one to be sent by an individual and the other to be sent by a business.

When sending as a business, please make sure you are writing to the MP serving the constituency where your business has its registered address. 

You can do all this LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES following these FOUR STEPS:

1. Enter your personal or business postcode here and get the name and email address of your MP

2. Complete either the 'From an individual' or 'From a business' template letter by inserting:

  • The name of your MP in full at the top (e.g. Afzal Khan MP)
  • After 'Dear', the first name of your MP (e.g. Dear Afzal)
  • Your home or business address top right 
  • A sign-off

3. Attach the letter to an email and send to your MP, using the email address you found in step 1

4. Share on social media using #1MillionOwners to encourage others to do the same

Read our full policy proposal

Download and read our policy proposal for the next Spending Review, then pledge your support for the campaign, and share on social media using #1MillionOwners.