Co-operatives UK Board elections


5th May 2020
Last updated
23rd January 2023
Co-operatives UK Board structure

Co-operatives UK's board is made up of representatives from our members. 

We've compiled a list of resources relating to the Co-operatives UK Board including:

  • How the board is made up and how different groups of members are represented
  • The Co-operatives UK rule book, which outlines our governance processes
  • Candidate information for anyone interested in standing for the Co-operatives UK Board Elections
  • Nomination form to put someone forward for a vacant Co-operatives UK board position. Note: this is a generic nomination form, we will issue specific forms for each category where there is a vacancy.
  • Instructions on how to sign an Adobe online form

Find out more about our AGM and Board elections


Resource bundle
Co-operatives UK Board structure
Chart outlining Co-operatives UK board structure
Little people turning the pages of a large book
Read Co-operatives UK's rule book
First page of candidate information
Board candidate Information
File info
application/Word, 106.95 KB
First page of board nomination form
Board nomination form - Co-operative Development Bodies
AGM voting card
Member resolution process
First page of board nomination form
Board nomination form (generic)
Instructions for signing an Abobe form online
Instructions for signing Adobe forms online
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