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Join the Cross Party Group on Co‑operatives

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We are committed to building cross party support for co-operatives. In Scotland the most important way we do this is by helping administer the Cross Party Group on Co‑operatives in the Scottish parliament.

The Cross Party Group on Co‑operatives provides a platform for MSPs and others to increase awareness of the co‑operative model and its contribution to Scotland's social and economic development; to promote co‑operation as a vital component of Scotland's future; and to work with Scottish government, Co‑operative Development Scotland and the sector to sustain existing co-ops and mutuals and increase co-operative working in Scotland. 

Join the Cross Party Group on Co‑operatives

The Cross Party Group has been reconvened in the new Parliament, led by Paul Sweeney MSP. For details of the group click here.

We are encouraging all Scottish co‑ops and individual supporters of the movement to add their support and join the Cross Party Group on Co-operatives

Join the Cross Party Group on Co‑operatives

It takes less than a minute to sign up.

What's involved?

Being a member of the Cross Party Group is a great way to show your support for co‑ops in a non-partisan policy setting... and it costs nothing.

You will be invited to attend meetings and events – in Parliament and online – giving you the chance to participate in discussions with MSPs and policymakers. You will receive updates on the group's efforts to promote co‑ops and your membership will be listed on the Scottish Parliament website.

What does the Cross Party Group do?

During the last Parliament, the Cross Party Group was a real success. Its work on housing co‑ops helped secure greater government interest in that model; in the Housing to 2040 strategy and now in the Programme for Government

The group was a critical platform for encouraging the Scottish Greens, Conservatives and Labour to include specific manifesto commitments for co‑ops ahead of the last election. It was a lively rally point for Scottish co‑ops and other supporters of the movement, bringing our members and friends into the heart of Scottish politics.

With the new SNP-Scottish Green shared policy programme, which includes explicit commitments to support co‑ops, the work of the Cross Party Group has never been more relevant or important.

Register to attend the upcoming Cross Party Group meeting

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 13 December in the Scottish Parliament. Any representatives from Scottish co-ops or supporters of the movement are invited to attend.
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