Website Terms and Conditions

This is a summary of the terms and conditions of this site in language that human beings can understand.

For the version for lawyers and judges, please see the attached files.

Website Terms and Conditions

What can you do?

We let you do some things on the site - like update your co-operative's details or post content - but we'll probably ask you to register on the site before we let you. And don't get upset if sometimes we won't let you.

If you post content on the site, your user-name might appear on it.

Terms of Use

If you use our website, you should follow our rules, which are:

  • Don't put anything on any of our sites that breaks the law, or encourages others to break the law;
  • Don't use our site to lie, cheat, be obscene or bully anyone;
  • Don't spread spam or viruses;
  • Don't expect us to get everything right - some information on the site might be wrong;
  • Don't pretend to be us;
  • Understand that we might remove any content you put up;
  • Don't deliberately break anything.

If you don't follow our rules, we might not let you use our website.


Any information you enter on this website will not be given to anyone else, unless we can't withhold it without breaking the law. The only information we have about you is the information you give us.

If we're going to use your contact details for marketing, we'll give you the chance to "opt out".

Google tell us about the people using our site, but we can't identify individuals: you can read their privacy policy here.

Paypal let us take payments from you: you can read their privacy policy here.

We might have to tell other people who you are if you ask us to get them to do something for you. If we do, you can tell them not to send you any marketing.

If you want to know what information we hold on you, contact our data protection officer: there may be a £10 admin charge for this.

We keep our data about you secure, but if anything goes wrong we'll let you know.

If we make any changes to this, we'll let you know.

Intellectual Property

We own the intellectual property for anything we put on the site. If you put anything on the site, we don't take over ownership of it but you do agree to let us use it.

The software that makes our website is provided by Drupal, and is an Open Source platform. Any bespoke modules that we have created for this site are covered by a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 licence.

Our databases are confidential. Only relevant Co-operatives UK staff and you can see your information on them. You can't use, copy or distribute any information from our databases except your own.

We do allow limited access to our databases to the general public, for example our directory of UK co-operatives. This access only involves publicly available information, but the database and information on it still belongs to us. Members of Co-operatives UK can control what information is displayed about their co-operative, and update it as they require.

All resources that Co-operatives UK holds the copyright on that we post on the site are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 licence.

This means you can share and adapt the resources, provided you tell people we originally made it and you release it under the same licence.

Organisational Data

Any information that we gather about your organisation through the website will be treated as confidential.

We will use this information to publish various pictures of the co-operative movement. These will only ever publish information about identifiable individual organisations where this information has already been published publicly by the organisation, or where they have given us permission to publish.

The information we gather, and databases we use to store it, belong to us.

Most of our data held by Co-operatives UK is through Cloud based technology. As a result, we are reliant on the security of external service providers and also that some of that information may be held outside of the EEC. The data protection registration held by Co-operatives UK with the Information Commissioner’s Office allows for the transfer of personal information held overseas where we are satisfied that the information complies with all aspects of the UK’s data protection act.

We are satisfied that the security of our data held through this external service provision is covered by the US Safe Harbour arrangements which conform to UK Data Protection legislation.


Our website will store cookies on your computer to remember who you are and what your preferences are. You can delete these from your computer whenever you like, or set your browser not to accept them - but if you register for a user account you'll have to agree to let us use them.

All the data we get about you from cookies is anonymous - we can't identify you from it.

If you've got any problems with any of this, please contact us