CASE STUDY: Ensuring the survival of Cuckoo Farm Print Workshop, Colchester

Cuckoo Farm Print Workshop, part of Cuckoo Farm Studios, applied to The Hive when a change in its’ tenancy agreement required the Workshop to incorporate so that responsibility for the tenancy could be shared amongst all workshop members. 

Cuckoo Farm Print Workshop provides printing facilities for creative print makers and beginners alike. It provides facilities and training in printmaking techniques to workshop members and members of the public who want to learn about art printing.

By incorporating (registering as a co-operative business), it hopes it will become more open to the general public, attract more members and, in turn, allow it to offer a greater range of courses to help secure the workshop’s future.

Ultimately, the workshop wants to grow through running courses to ensure the financial viability of the Print Workshop and possibly its expansion in terms of space and different types of print processes. In doing so it aims to give access to encourage the local community with its' artistic aspiration in a supportive atmosphere, and to access equipment which is out of reach financially for most people. 

Members of the workshop successfully applied to The Hive to get help navigating the process of incorporating as a co-operative and it is receiving support from expert Hive Providers, the Co-operative Assistance Network.

Without support from The Hive we would not have been able to incorporate and would have had to dissolve the workshop. So The Hive support has allowed us to continue as a workshop. 

We are now a registered co-operative, and the Co-operative Assistance Network has already arranged a governance training workshop day. 

We hope that becoming a co‑operative will strengthen our profile and attract new members as increased membership is the key to our long term survival and hopefully, our expansion.

Since becoming a co-operative, Cuckoo Farm Print Workshop has also become a member of Co-operatives UK, which means they can benefit from advice, access to the member network and help shape our campaigns.

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Written by Leila O'Sullivan
Updated: 15/11/2016