Your marketing plan

Help your readers understand how the benefits of your products and/or services will be explained - and made irresistible - to your target market(s).

What is in a marketing plan?

Your marketing will promote your products and services, explain their benefits and make them irresistible to your market(s).

When writing your marketing plan will need to:

  • Identify and characterise each part of the market that needs to be addressed separately – your market segments.
  • Identify your competitors and explain how you will outcompete them.
  • Specify your USPs: unique selling points (or propositions).
  • Explain how your products and services meet the needs of your clients.
  • What channels of communication and promotional tools will you use to reach them?
  • How would you monitor how well your marketing plan works?

Refer back to the who is your co-operative forsection of your feasibility study. The two sections are community analysis and stakeholder analysis.

If you didn’t manage to do this, you must do so now by visiting the above link.

Your marketing plan

Use the content from these two sections to populate the Marketing plan section of your business plan, following this template:

This looks at: target segments; competitor analysis; unique selling points; needs, demands and benefits; marketing and communications channels; promotional tools; and learning.

More information on Marketing is here. 

The information and tools in this section have been developed by our colleagues at Co-operative Assistance Network.

Updated: 26/03/2019