How this section works

The Hive is pleased to bring you a business planning tool, developed by our colleagues at Co-operative Assistance Network, which we have adapted for the purposes of The Hive.

Choosing the best route for you

There are many different templates available for writing a business plan, but we recommend using the information and templates we've provided over the coming pages to help build a business plan for your co-operative. 

We have offered two options so you can access and use these resources in the way that suits you best:

Option 1: Work your way through this section, page by page

We would recommend you work through the pages in this section which give an explanation and resources at each step of the way. 

  • Download our business plan checklist (Word document | pdf) which lists all the sections you will write and compile to make up your business plan. It includes links to all the pages, as you will need to go away and come back at different points in the process.

The below explains how the content on the page works:

Blue blocks with a target icon introduce the content and purpose of that page and essentially what you should have achieved before moving onto the next page.

Blue blocks with a resource icon are specific activities you need to undertake. They often have a checklist icon to identify that a download is available.

There is a template to download on most pages:

  • Each template is for you to fill in (and adapt if necessary) for your purposes, which you can pull together into one document once completed.
  • These templates are a framework for writing a business plan so please feel free to adapt the templates, but be sure not to delete anything important!

Grey blocks will signpost back to relevant parts of the feasibility section, which you will need to have completed before starting your business plan. Remember to make a note of what stage you're at in writing your business plan.

Option 2: Download CAN's business plan template in full and work through it yourself

If you prefer, you can download the original Business plan Tool by CAN (Word document | pdf). Please note that this is an existing tool, created prior to the launch of The Hive.

Let's get started

Updated: 26/03/2019