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BBC Breakfast, co-operative focus 24 June 2015

BBC Breakfast focuses on co-operatives for the launch of The Co-operative Economy 2015. It features an interview with Ed Mayo, secretary general of Co-operatives UK, and coverage of Torrs Hydro, a...

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Co-op Policy Blog #2: Co-ops, markets and the common good

Ignore this ‘market vs state’ nonsense, says Co-operatives UK’s James Wright, as the furore of the main party conferences comes to a close. It creates damaging confusion at a time when we need to...

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Fifty co-operative innovations for a new economy

A new book outlining 50 innovations to boost the British economy was launched today (1 July) at Westminster by the network for co-operative businesses, Co-operatives UK. Based on three years of...

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MPs and policy makers back co-operative innovation

The chief executive of The Co-operative Group , a director of the social care co-op Leading Lives and the head of Co-operative Energy joined politicians and policy makers at a roundtable on 2 July (...

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Speaker profile: Richard Murphy on tax, ethics and economics

With tax avoidance again on the news agenda, the leading tax expert Richard Murphy looks at tax, ethics and the challenges co-operatives are likely to face in the coming years.


Taking stock, look forward - a chapter by Robin Murray

"The great national aggregates of GDP, employment, the rate of inflation and the balance of trade are the data of those who control the macro economic levers in London. They obscure the specific...

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The ownership agenda 30 years on: seven key trends

Private rented housing, family businesses and co-operative ownership are on the rise. Social housing and individual share ownership are in decline. And home ownership has flatlined. The last 30 years...


Unfinished business: the ownership agenda thirty years on

Unfinished Business is published by think tank ResPublica Essay and Co-operatives UK. The report, which analyses data on the ownership of Britain’s businesses and households since 1985, identifies...