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Diana Moore

Diana is an experienced small business advisor and facilitator specialising in communities, social enterprise and asset transfer and development. She draws on her training as a building surveyor and has an M.Sc. in Voluntary Sector Organisation.

Diana’s commitment to social and environmental justice lead to a career volunteering and working with charities, community and social enterprises, community benefit societies and local authorities. 

Examples of her work include: 

  • Supporting community asset transfer and asset development projects. 
  • Supporting the development of start-up Societies and community businesses.
  • Development of community share offers and Standard Mark assessments. 
  • Facilitating group processes such as strategic reviews and theory of change planning.
  • Grant assessor for a major community business investor. 
  • Specialising in community-led heritage organisations.

Diana runs the Rules Registration Service for Wessex Roots (Wessex Reinvestment Society), providing governance advice, undertaking company conversions and registering new community benefit societies.

Diana is Licensed by the Community Shares Unit to award the Community Shares Standard Mark.