Corinna Hartwig

Co-operative advisor

Corinna Hartwig Consulting

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07979 325153
Organisational development (start-up)
East of England
Corinna Hartwig

Corinna has created and run a series of successful small businesses since 1998: – from freelancer in video post production to cake maker, from funding adviser to business support consultant.

She is now ready to pass on her passion to those who are thinking about working for themselves, wanting to give it a go, or for those who are looking to fine-tune their enterprise. She has a great affinity with mum-preneurs and mature women.

Corinna Hartwig was born in 1967 in Munich, Germany and has lived and worked in France. She comes from a line of family-run businesses: her maternal grandfather was baker in Colditz and she worked in her father’s video post production business, as a member of the management team. She went on to become managing director of a sister company. After moving to the UK in 1998 she set up several small businesses – each relevant to her stages in life at the time. She shares with clients her experience of what it takes to make a project or business succeed.

With a Masters in Media Marketing and experience in the fashion industry, she likes to think “outside the box” and be creative, both in practice and thought, whilst keeping her feet firmly on the ground. She helps clients to think creatively to find solutions to their needs.

She lives in East Hertfordshire with her partner and their 3 children and is always volunteering in her community.