Webinar – What Is A Co-op?


30th September 2020
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Content by Co-op Connections

Co-ops are found in all sectors of the economy – from high street retailers to community-owned pubs and from fan-owned football clubs to farmer-controlled businesses.

Recorded on 7 July 2019 at Co-operatives UK, John Atherton, Head of Membership at Co-operatives UK, covers facts, figures and the wider context of co-ops in an informal style. It's a great introduction to co-ops for new members and/or workers. For others it is an opportunity to refresh memories and be inspired by the variety of individual co-ops around the world and all they do.

The What Is A Co-op? slides used in this webinar are available to download so you can run your own session locally.

For more information on this webinar, or if you would like us to deliver an introduction to co-ops for you, please contact [email protected]

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