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Platform co-ops – your route to an ethical digital business (webinar)

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Discover how platform co-ops can put power and profits in the hands of service providers, rather than tech giants.

Job insecurity and precarious working have proliferated with the rise of digital platforms like Uber and Deliveroo. Meanwhile, the tech giants behind digital platforms dominate markets and make huge profits. But there’s a fairer alternative: platform co-ops.

Platform co‑ops are democratically owned and controlled businesses that use an online platform or mobile app to trade, connect people and pool resources or data. They’re built on co‑operative principles and values that ensure the business:

  • Truly responds to the needs of its community
  • Embeds equity and social purpose from day one
  • Has a growth model that does not involve giving up control to external profit‑driven investors

Co-operatives UK’s Ludovica Rogers hosts this one-hour webinar, and explains how platform co-ops put workers in control of a business, providing better conditions and fairer pay. She is joined by guest speakers from platform co‑ops:

  • Signalise – a sign language interpreting service that uses a digital platform to connect its members: Deaf people, BSL interpreters and service user organisations

  • Open Food Network UK – a co‑op of co‑ops whose members collectively own and control an innovative software platform they use to trade the food they produce

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