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#CoopStories: The tech business that converted to a worker co-op

As the number of people working in digital and tech continues to grow, so does the need for businesses that give people starting out in the industry decent pay, working conditions and a say over their working lives.

Cue Outlandish.

Outlandish was a highly profitable, class-leading web development partnership, but chose to convert to a worker owned co-op in 2016 in order to harness the ideas and skills of the great people working there.

Not surprisingly, Outlandish has continued to do fantastic work, developing flagship websites and apps for organisations like the BBC, the Open University and the National Union of Teachers.

But the co-op has gone further: leading and underwriting the formation of the Co-operative Technologists network, which aims to promote co-operation as a way to create decent work and get better results across the digital industry and increase collaboration between co-ops.

They created the Outlandish Fellowship to enable groups to realise a number of ground-breaking social 'tech for good' projects as well as supporting the Worker Co-op Solidarity Fund and a host of community projects.

Founder member Abigail Murphy said: "The whole tech industry is driven by collaboration, open source software and agile thinking. It's only natural that young creative and technical people would want to work in way that prioritises the needs of users and workers instead of shareholders."

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Updated: 25/05/2019