Press release

Shout about being a co-op on Social Saturday

Sometimes you just need an excuse to shout about what makes you different. Social Saturday, on 14 October, is one day when you can join with co-ops, community businesses and social enterprises of all kinds to encourage people to shop with or use your co-op.

Organised by Social Enterprise UK, this year Social Saturday will see a bigger focus on co-operatives because, for the first time, the Co-op Group is the headline sponsor.

One of the Co-op’s first actions in line with Do It Ourselves, the new national co-op development strategy that was launched in the summer, the customer owned co-op is supporting Social Saturday to help raise the profile of co-operatively run organisations and the difference that using them makes.

“When you shop in a co-op you can be sure that your money goes further. Whether it’s invested in the local community, shared among the workers, or returned to you as a customer, whatever profit a co-op makes is used for social good not private gain. From farming to football, coffee shops to convenience stores, there are co-ops for all your needs. If you want to make a difference then using a co-op makes perfect sense." Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operatives UK

Social Saturday is an excellent chance for your co-op to encourage customers to shop with you, so why not take the opportunity. Here are three things you could do:

  • Social Saturday offers and discounts. Why not put on a special Social Saturday discount to encourage people to try what you have to offer.
  • Social media. Take some photos to highlight what makes you different and share them using the #Socialsaturday2017 hashtag on Twitter or Instagram.
  • Build on what you already do. The simplest way to get involved in Social Saturday is to use it as an opportunity to shout out loud about what sets you apart. Put up a window display, use it as a hook for local media or to go big on social media.

Steve Murrells, The Co-op Group CEO, said: "Social Saturday is a great way to let people know there’s a different way of doing business that meet the needs and expectations of consumers today.

"The Co-op was created back in 1844 with a set of values and principles that serve a social purpose. This difference is something we know our members value and increasingly see as being relevant both to themselves and within their communities, but also in addressing issues that our country faces today.

"Co-ops are about making society a better place to be, and that’s been our role since we were founded. It’s our responsibility to carry that forward for the co-operators of tomorrow."

Check out the Social Saturday materials available here.