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New Website Front Page Launched

A new front page for the Co-operatives UK website has now been launched at Co-operatives 2009, the annual congress of the UK co-operative movement. The new homepage allows registered users to choose what content they see when they visit the site, and place their favourite items wherever they want. So if you're interested in our news stories, you can slide them up to the top of the page, but if you're more interested in our events work you can move that in instead. We also have a number of useful RSS feeds displaying on our front page, from the latest stories from Co-operative News to the breaking headlines from the major broadsheet newspapers. And if you don't want to see these, they can be turned off just like the rest of the web content. So if you're attending Co-operatives 2009, why not visit Paul Dale Smith by the resturant and get a preview of the new site?
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Updated: 18/09/2011