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Co-operative Women's Challenge 2020: share your ideas

By virtue of being co-operative, the co-operative sector should set an example to the rest of society’

Co-operative UK’s engagement with women in the wider co-operative sector:

As a number of our members may already be considering how they may engage in the Co-operative Women’s Challenge 2020 it is now timely for Co-operatives UK, in its co-ordination role, to engage with the wider co-operative sector on what their ideas are. From the Women’s Voices conference in July a number of core actions were identified by the attendees to address these challenges.  With our members guidance we are proposing to look at these actions and identify how we move forward, so that the Co-operative Women’s Challenge 2020 is as alive and as relevant as can be for our members in the wider movement. The Co-operative Group are leading on a number of specific actions to develop their  own response to the three themes set out in the Challenge. Over the coming months we will be engaging with our members in three key ways:

  • Online: By filling in a simple online survey, we will collect the views of our members as to what their aspirations are for the Co-operative Women’s Challenge and how the wider movement would like to be involved.
  • Round table sessions:  On the 25th January 2012, from 10 til 3, we will hold a Round Table session at Co-operatives UK in Manchester with members who wish to participate more actively, to help shape a wider Co-operative Women’s Challenge strategy which we will then develop into a work plan.
  • Informally through the Co-operative Women’s Challenge website (which will be improved during 2012), email bulletins, LinkedIn discussions and regular updates on what is happening in your area.

If you would like more information about the three Challenges, be put onto our mailing list or to put your name forward to be part of the Round table discussions later this month either fill in the online survey by clicking here: or contact Sarah Alldred at Co-operatives UK: [email protected]

Alternately, if you would know of some one else who would be interested in this work, please do pass this on.

Many thanks

Sarah Alldred

Project Manager

Co-operatives UK

Written by Sarah Alldred
Updated: 08/01/2012