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National campaign encourages more people to #JoinACoop

This Co-op Fortnight (22 June to 5 July 2020) we'll be encouraging people across the UK to #JoinACoop. 

Co-ops and other organisations are encouraged to start planning membership recruitment and engagement activities during the two week summer campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the co-operative model. 

Wendy Carter, Head of Communications and Marketing said: "Co-ops are so diverse, but the one thing that binds us all together is that we all have members who have a say in how our organisations are run.  This Co-op Fortnight we're shining a spotlight on who our members are and why they join co-ops, with a strong call to action to encourage more people to join a co-op.

Every year hundreds of co-ops and organisations across the UK work together to promote co-ops during Co-op Fortnight. The campaign is led by Co-operatives UK and brought to life by co-ops across the UK. 

Wendy adds: "We'd love co-ops of all types and sizes to start thinking about how they can get involved - it might be choosing one member to say why they joined the co-op, perhaps writing a blog or sharing their story on social media, having a celebration event for existing members to encourage them to get more involved, or planning a member recruitment campaign. We'll be featuring a wide range of members, from worker-owners to community share investors and retail co-op customers in our communications."

Free resources are available for Co-operatives UK members, thanks to sponsorship from some of the UK's largest retail co-ops. Resources include stickers, posters, a campaign video, template press releases and images for social media that co-ops can adapt to feature their own members.

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