Press release

Applications open for community grant and support programme

The second round of the Community Economic Development (CED) programme is open for applications from communities who want to work towards seeing real economic change.

Funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government’s (DCLG) and delivered by a partnership of Co-operatives UK, New Economics Foundation, Locality, Centre for Local Economic Strategies and Responsible Finance, the CED programme offers grants and support to produce a dynamic and deliverable economic plan.

CED has already supported 49 local community groups and organisations to develop a bespoke plan which identified practical opportunities to improve the economic health of their area.

"The CED programme provided a spark just at the right moment for the development of the Community Land Trust. We got genuinely useful help from three great advisors who we could never have afforded otherwise." Jess Steele, project coordinator, Heart of Hastings CLT

The programme is now looking to support 20 new groups that want to take a lead in shaping their economies for the benefit of their community. It will also work with 10 communities who participated in the programme in 2015 - helping them ensure their plans become a reality.

The second round of support will run from September 2016 to June 2017, but participants are being selected now. For mroe information and to apply click here.

CED emphasises three important attributes:

  • The overall focus is the economy. CED is all about reshaping the underlying economic system of a place, rather than working on improving people’s capacity to live well within the existing environment.
  • The economy is a means to an end, not an end in itself. Rather than emphasising economic growth as the end goal of local economic development, a CED approach is interested in economic development, which generates human wellbeing within environmental limits, at a community level.
  • It’s led by the community. In CED, the power to drive the change rests within the community of residents, local businesses, local service providers, community groups and voluntary sector organisations with a direct stake in the economic health of that area.

Read how CED helped introduce a community-led approach to affordable housing and neighbourhood renewal.