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Co-ops in social value procurement

Policy campaign

9th June 2019
Last updated
9th November 2020
Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Policy issue
Receipt - illustration

What was government asking?

Government's consultation asked for views on a new social value procurement model, foscusing on: giving 'voluntary community and social enterprise' (VCSE) more access to supply chains; creating work and skills opportunities for disadvantaged groups; worker health and wellbeing; environmental sustainability; safe and secure supply chains. 

Our response

  • Buyers must be helped to understand how different types of provider, such as co-ops, might be well-placed to deliver particular social value outcomes, such as decent work, or reduced inequalities in opportunity, influence and wealth 
  • A social value model based on broad categories like 'VCSE' needs to understand co-ops better and root out ‘sham’ VCSEs
  • The social value model should link different types of business ownership to particular social value outcomes
  • The social value model should drive public and private procurement that builds local wealth and creates opportunities for decent livelihoods in deprived places
  • Action should be taken to ensure co-operative and community benefit societies are not needlessly disadvantaged in tendering processes
  • Stop allowing businesses that pay their fair share of tax, and thus must bid at a socially responsible rate, to be disadvantaged in tendering
What else did we say?