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Supported by The Co‑operative Bank

The UnFound Accelerator 2022 LIVE! Pitch event


Start date / time
Monday 11 July 2022, 5:00pm
End date / time
Monday 11 July 2022, 6:00pm
Organised by
Co-operatives UK
UnFound Accelerator – your route to an ethical digital business

Join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of the entrepreneurs to graduate from the 2022 UnFound Accelerator. And vote for your favourite pitch! 

For 10 weeks, the UnFound Accelerator has supported nine teams to turn their pioneering ideas into successful platform co‑operatives. The pitch event is their chance to showcase their brilliant ideas to the public and pitch for a slice of £10,000 prize money provided by The Co‑operative Bank

What is the UnFound Accelerator LIVE! Pitch event?

  • Rose Marley, CEO of Co‑operatives UK and Catherine Douglas, Managing Director, SME, The Co‑operative Bank will host the event 
  • You will hear from each of the nine teams
  • As part of the audience, you will have the chance to vote for your favourite pitches – help to choose which teams win a share of the £10,000 prize fund from The Co‑operative Bank. The top three teams with the most votes and how the prize money will be divided between them

The nine teams are...

  • City Pay is a community‑owned digital wallet and engagement platform designed to create pro‑social and pro‑environmental social norms.  
  • Circiety is a community‑owned platform that aims to promote resource circularity and reduce resource waste.  
  • Co-curate! is a collaborative platform enabling young art historians to co‑curate small virtual exhibitions to engage communities not traditionally visiting historic art galleries.   
  • Kocoon wants to equip young people with knowledge, skills and resources to better understand, manage and improve their wellbeing through improved access to academics, charities and services. 
  • Kuniru connects human growth and development professionals, enabling them to design and facilitate transformational digital journeys with sustainable outcomes.  
  • The Learning Coop provides highly accessible, anti‑capitalist education across a wide range of subjects aimed at students interested in using education as a precursor to sweeping systemic change.  
  • The Platform DAO is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) marketplace through which stories from the edges of culture can be heard, preserved and sustained.  
  • RIMA is a platform that has the aim to empower emerging creative practitioners from the global South by connecting them with international opportunities for funding and mobility.  
  • Integrative Therapy Collective is a platform for therapists working together to provide accessible therapeutic services in the digital economy of sustainable private practice. 

Join us on Monday 11 July to show your support for the next generation of UK platform coops! 

The UnFound Accelerator is delivered by Co‑operatives UK and supported by The Co‑operative Bank.

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