What your co-op can do

Do It Ourselves is an invitation for you and your co-op to identify what you can do to help create a more participatory economy. Below is a series of sample actions your co-op might take, and ways to link with those being developed by Co-operatives UK.

Commit to be great at co-operation

  • Live up to best practice co-operative governance, drawing on support and assurance where required
  • Achieve values of equality and openness when it comes to gender, age and diversity
  • Look for ways to encourage your co-operative to trade with other co-ops and like-minded businesses
  • Make a commitment to build the skills for co-operation

Working together across co-operatives, such as through Co-operatives UK, it means taking action to:

  • Help co-ops by offering a first point of support and information through a UK-wide programme, The Hive
  • Create a high quality directory or framework to support co-op-to-co-op trading
  • Lead work on innovation and best practice in co-operative governance, including reporting by co-operatives on the value they create

Be willing to be open to new co-operation

  • To be open about data, facts, progress, opportunities and challenges
  • Take a look at new ways for members and workers to get involved, such as signing up to SolidFund, a contributory fund to support worker co-operatives
  • Explore how to support innovation in one of the three future sectors identified in this strategy, or other areas of pressing need
  • Be a partner for new co-operative ideas with federal bodies in key sectors and specialist co-operative development bodies

Working together across co-operatives, such as through Co-operatives UK, it means taking action to:

  • Work with sector bodies and co-operative development workers to grow areas with the strongest growth potential
  • Pilot a Replication Lab to grow successful co-op models
  • Share open data on the health and performance of the co-operative sector

Join in campaigns for inspiring co-operation

  • Use the co-op marque to demonstrate that your organisation is a co-operative
  • Sign up to a national campaign to inspire the next wave of co-ops
  • Use Co-operatives Fortnight as a way to increase understanding of co-ops among staff, members and customers
  • Participate in campaigns to improve the policy and regulatory framework for co-operative action

Working together across co-operatives, such as through Co-operatives UK, it means taking action to:

  • Provide tools to enable co-operatives tell their story to staff and members
  • Equip individual co-operators to be advocates for the co-operative option in public and professional circles
  • Lobby government decision makers for a business environment in which participative businesses – such as co-operatives, mutuals and social enterprise – can thrive

Let us know what you are planning and doing for co-operative development in line with this strategy

Order a hard copy of the pack for your co-op, which includes a set of cards, as a creative resource that you and your co-op can use to explore actions to create a participatory economy.