We Are Open Co-op

Trading address:
20-22 Wenlock Road
N1 7GU
Creative, Digital

We are our members. We Are Open Cooperative members are pioneers and leaders in global technology, advocacy and community spaces. We are experts in creation and harnessing input from people. As a worker-owned tech co-operative, inclusive and collaborative approaches to projects is part of our DNA, and connects us to global networks. We are noted contributors to pervasive narratives surrounding open education, open organisations, cooperatives and more. Together we are expert strategists, facilitators, community engagement advisers, designers, developers, writers, activists. We have creative and the practical experience as well as professional networks that help our clients achieve big impact.

We Are Open is a group of digitally savvy professionals who see big pictures and complex systems. We also do fake accents, impromptu guitar solos, gardening, and we have a healthy affinity for cheese. Our members truly believe in the power of collective action and the mindset shifts required to make collectivism a reality.

We run ‘thinkathons’, design sprints, focus events, polls and surveys to develop solutions. We use a collaborative, visual design thinking process, to gather ideas and thoughts from across a community. We develop personas, gain insights into the wants and needs of stakeholders and develop a clear view of where people are, to inform where they might go next. We create outputs in text and visual form, to create narratives for complex ideas, strategy, project initiation, roadmapping and more.