Urras Energy Society

Trading address:
UOG Business Centre
Tom na Ba
South Galson
Isle of Lewis
Eilean Siar
Community, Utilities

Urras Energy Society has been set up to offer shares in a community renewables development. It has a co-operative structure with community benefit objectives and is open to individuals, businesses and organisations. Shares are available for purchase and investors have an opportunity to assist in the creation of a sustainable future for the community and, at the same time, secure an attractive return on their investment over a 20 year period. Additional tax benefits may be available to eligible UK taxpayers through special allowances for purchasing shares in small unlisted companies.

The objective of the share offer is to raise monies to support the installation of two 900kW wind turbines at Ballantrushal, Isle of Lewis, to operate alongside the existing turbine that was installed in December 2013. These new wind turbines will be connected to the local power grid and provide clean, green electricity for up to 1,400 homes each year.

Urras Energy Society is registered with, but not authorised or regulated by, the Financial Conduct Authority and, therefore, investments are not safeguarded by any depositor protection or dispute resolution scheme.