Totnes Squash Cooperative

Trading address:
15 Hamlyns Way
TQ11 0PA
Community, Farming

The Squash Co-op is a new social gardening group consisting of a few experienced gardeners, quite a lot of apprentice gardeners and others that just meet at weekends.

We feel we have discovered a winning mix of the satisfaction that comes from growing our own food, being nurtured by nature in this beautiful Devon countryside, and sharing with lots of lovely people of all ages and backgrounds.

Originally we chose to grow vegetables that were low maintenance, yet high yielding, such as perpetual spinach, chard, kale and courgettes. Later we discovered squash growing as a solution to the hungry gap months, and have adopted a co-operative, input-based method of sharing the harvest. We use the general assembly method of democratic decision making which we adopted from the Occupy movement.