Sheffield Co-operative Development Group (SCDG)

Trading address:
Aizlewoods Mill
Nursery Street
S3 8GG
Business, Education and Learning, Co-operative Development

SCDG aims to promote knowledge of and interest in co-operation and co-operative principles in worker co-operatives, employee led businesses and social and community enterprises. It believes that the greatest possible involvement of a workforce in the management and control of an organisation is an effective step towards achieving such fulfilment and of maximising the potential of that organisation. It recognises that the achievement of such ends requires not only careful learning from the past but also the active development of new ideas suited to changing social, economic and technological environments. It aims to provide high quality advice and practical assistance within the timescale required to any group of people trying to protect or develop their jobs or to create new ones. It aims to identify the barriers to success for the organisations and people it assists and to seek ways of overcoming them.