NEFirst Credit Union

Trading address:
136 Edge Court
County Durham

Durham Cestria and Gateshead Credit Union was formed in May 2013 following the amalgamation of Durham City Credit Union, Teesdale Credit Union, Cestria Credit Union and Gateshead First Credit Union, between us we have more than 20 years experience of managing a Credit Union.

In April 2015 Northern Oak CU joined us and comes under the title of NEFirst CU as well.

NEFirst Credit Union is still a mutual savings and loans co-operative owned and administered by it's members.

We provide safe and secure savings and low cost loans for our members but unlike banks we do not charge high interest rates on our loans and there are no hidden penalties or hidden costs for repaying early. Our members are also provided with life insurance and loan protection insurance at no extra cost.

The Credit Union is managed and controlled by a volunteer Board of Directors. They earn nothing for the work they do for the Credit Union so we are able to keep our operating costs very low.