Kennet Community Energy

Trading address:
Maizey Lodge
Ogbourne Maizey
Community, Utilities

Kennet Community Energy (KCEL) was established in 2013 from an initiative of the Energy Group of Transition Marlborough, and has been set up as a practical response to the challenges that we face with our future energy supplies and climate change.

Successive parliamentary energy bills in recent years make it clear that energy prices generally will increase significantly in the UK over the next 10 to 20 years as a result of many factors, including the rising global demand for energy, the higher cost of exploiting dwindling reserves of oil and natural gas, together with the need to replace many of our aging power stations.

The UK Government has set ambitious targets for electricity generation from renewable energy and community energy companies are being encouraged to make a significant contribution.

We believe that developing local, decentralised, electricity generation and heating/cooling from renewable energy technologies such as solar and biomass, offers a positive and practical solution to the coming energy crisis for the benefit of local communities and the Members of KCEL.