Co-operative Living Freehold Society

Trading address:
37 Everett Road
M20 3EA

Co-operative Living Freehold Society owns the freehold to properties which are leased to housing co-operatives, whose members are the residents, thus collectively controlling their own accommodation. We are registered as an Industrial and Provident Society with not-for-profit and common ownership rules.

We are pioneering the 'co-operative eco-house' model, in which property with poor energy performance is purchased and upgraded with a whole-house refit, prior to being handed over to the housing co-operative. In this way, residents get the opportunity to live in a quality, energy-efficient home which, in conjunction with living together co-operatively, enables them to minimise their environmental impact.

A strengthened governance model is also being developed, which aims to retain autonomy of member-residents over day-to-day control and responsibility for their own housing, whilst providing the benefits of access to expertise and resources that a larger organisation allows, through 'clustering' of co-ops together.