Bancroft Tenant Management Co-operative

Trading address:
12 Wickford Street
Tower Hamlets
E1 5QN

A Tenant Management Co-operative is the highest form of tenant participation in which the tenants and leaseholders in Bancroft TMCa particular area or estate take on responsibility for the day-to-day management of their estate. The council still owns the properties and tenants still retain their secure tenancy.

Residents under the “right to manage” legislation of 1994 set up Bancroft Tenant Management Cooperative in 1992. The TMC has taken over the management of caretaking, repairs, cleaning and general upkeep of the estate. The TMC was formed to ensure the highest level of attention is focused on the needs of the residents. The TMC has a committee that holds regular monthly meetings and its board meetings are open to all member residents of the estate. Membership of the TMC is open to all residents upon payment of the 10 pence membership fee.