Atomised Co-operative

Trading address:
2 Millhouse
KY15 5EH
Creative, Digital

Atomised is a web design agency with a difference. We're a worker's co-operative, which means that everyone who works here owns an equal share in the company. We're not a reseller or a middle-man, and our clients don't have to wade through layers of sales teams and managers. They deal directly with Neil, AL & Morgan: the team of developers who work on perfecting their brands, websites & applications. As an ethical co-operative we are committed to customer care and in working transparently, fully sharing our expertise and insight with our clients in an open and hands-on manner. Our trio are a well-rounded team of web experts with core expertise in hand-crafted interface design, brand audit & redesign, standards compliant web design, mobile web design and development, content management, online strategy, information architecture, accessibility, email & web marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and web analysis & usability consulting.