Argyll Fencer's Co-operative

Trading address:
2 Arinabea Cottage
Argyll and Bute
FK20 8SB

The Argyll Fencers Co-operative was set up in 2011 to allow local agricultural and forestry fencers to bid for contracts which they couldn’t access otherwise.

It includes fencers who work with helicopters for layout, contractors with tracked dumpers and tracked post thumpers of various sizes, ATVs and all manner of different but necessary skills including tree surgery and ground preparation

AFC members can handle all parts of a fencing job including determining and quantifying the fenceline, sourcing materials to grant or other specification, helicopter or machine layout, line clearance, old fence stripping, and erecting the new fence.

The co-operative consists of highly skilled local fencers tackling the unique challenges of local fences, some of the fencelines in Argyll would be hard to walk let alone fence. The co-op offers clients a chance to deal directly with the men on the ground and to contribute directly to the local economy while getting the best possible value for money. It also gives clients the security of knowing that the men with the most experience of West Coast Fences have built their fence to last.

Membership is by invitation and members have to meet a number of basic criteria, apart from being skilled fencers they must also have the relevant qualifications including first aid, quad bike, chainsaw etc and the proper insurance. The Co-op helps them to work together and handle the Health and Safety and Risk Assessment requirements involved. .

The Argyll Fencer’s Co-operative is already one of the largest dedicated fencing companies in the UK .