Duties of the secretary

It is usual for a co-operative to have a secretary. A secretary can play a pivotal role in the co-operative, acting as a conduit between the governing body and co-operative's membership. Any person new to the role will need to know what their main duties and responsibilities are. We outline the main duties here:

  1. In conjunction with the Board, plan, give the required notice of, and hold Board and general meetings, including the Annual General Meeting
  2. Maintain the co-operative's registers, including a Register of Members, Register of Directors, Register of Charges and Minutes
  3. Arrange for the co-operative's accounts to be audited (if required)
  4. Make the returns to the co-operative's registrar
  5. Inform the registrar, at the appropriate time, of any changes to the co-operative's governing document, directors, secretary or registered office address