Headline sponsor VME Coop

We are delighted that the Co-operative Retail Conference 2020 headline sponsor is VME Coop.

Here, we speak to VME Coop's Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Gill, on why a link-up between the retail conference and VME makes such sense. 

Stephen Gill said: "I’ve been working with co-ops for over 23 years and I’ve helped 18 different UK co-ops solve their technology problems. Our FRTS Link software runs in nine of the 13 independent co-ops, and 44% of their 1,400 stores run VME Coop software.

"Customers use us because our solution includes everything needed to run a consumer co-op; because it’s a proven system that is constantly keeping VME’s co-op customers on the latest technology; and because they know the more coops using VME, the lower the price for all consumer co-ops.

 "VME Coop’s purpose is to see consumer co-ops grow market share." Stephen Gill, VME Coop

"VME Coop’s purpose is to see consumer co-ops grow market share; by helping the independent co-op movement thrive, opening new stores, and hopefully new independent co-ops. We do this by reducing their costs, and helping them be as efficient as possible, by using technology.

"We believe that all co-ops, regardless of size, should pay the same price per store. This helps the smaller co-ops grow, and larger co-ops benefit by spreading the cost of new technologies; like self checkouts and mobile co-op apps."