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The UK co-operative story

For over 150 years co-operatives have been giving people across the UK control over things that matter to them – in their communities and workplaces, over the businesses they use, and across the...


Think-piece: Co-operatives in the Creative Industries

This think-piece, written by Dave Boyle and Kate Oakley and published by Co-operatives UK, examines the potential for co-operatives in the creative industries. The authors say: "Co-ops have the...

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Twelve years of support for co-operatives in the Indian Ocean

Ed Mayo explains the work that has been done in Sri Lanka with support from UK co-operatives in the years since large parts of the country were devastated by the Tsunami. Co-operators have a long...

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Uber ruling shows need for greater security for 'gig economy' workers

Commenting on the employment tribunal ruling (Friday 28 October) that found Uber's tax drivers cannot be treated as self-employed, Ed Mayo said: "The landmark ruling today on Uber taxi drivers’...

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UK co-operative sector buoyed by growing desire for a fairer economy, new report reveals

Co-operative economy 2017 report shows a buoyant co-operative sector that is giving people a stake in the economy The UK’s 7,000 independent co-ops turn over £36bn a year and employ 226,000 people...


Webinar – What Is A Co-op?

Co-ops are found in all sectors of the economy – from high street retailers to community-owned pubs and from fan-owned football clubs to farmer-controlled businesses. Recorded on 7 July 2019 at Co-...


What if - film and messages

What if more people worked together? What if people were as important as the bottom line? What if we stopped saying 'what if'? It's time to change. It's time to choose co-operative. This is a UK...

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What is a co-operative

Whether it’s a football club like Barca or a large retailer, your local co-op pub or group of dairy farmers, co-operatives are successful businesses. There are more than 7,000 independent co-...


What is a co-operative - leaflet

What if you had more control over the things that matter to you – your workplace, your football club, your mobile phone provider? From the outside a co-operative might look like any other business...


What is a co-operative?

A short film explaining what a co-operative is, their performance in 2015 and and what a difference they can make to people by giving them control over things that matter to them.

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£45,000 worth of advice awarded through The Hive

We are pleased to announce £45,000 worth of expert advice has been awarded to 41 groups through The Hive – our co-operative business support programme in partnership with The Co-operative Bank...